1. Rules

1.1 The regatta will be governed by the 'rules' as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS)
1.2 The Equipment Rules of Sailing, The Simple Heat Racing System will apply, The ISAF-RSD Addendum Q – Umpired fleet racing for RC boats will apply.
1.3 RRS G3 is made applicable.
1.4 RRS E 2.1 not apply.

2. Notices to Competitors

Notices to competitors will be posted on the official notice board located near the control area or given verbally.

3. Changes in the Sailing Instructions

Any change of the Sailing Instructions will be posted on the Official Notice Board or given verbally and shall be implemented only between races. Two sound signals followed by verbal announcements shall be made to call attention to change.

4. Schedule of races

4.1 26 races are scheduled. There will be no more than 10 races on one day.
4.2 Friday, 17. 01. 2020.
      No warning signal will be given before 12:30 and after 16:30.
      Saturday, 18. 01. 2020.
      No warning signal will be given before 09:30 and after 16:30.
      Sunday, 19. 01. 2020.
      No warning signal will be given before 09:30 and after 15:30.
4.3 As soon as practicable after a heat has been concluded, a warning signal will indicate the starting sequence for the next heat

5. Control and launching area

5.1 The control area will be on the Rogoznica's bay.
5.2 The launching area will be Rogoznica's coast.
5.3 Any change of control or launching area will be posted on the official notice board and shall be implemented only between heats. Two sound signals followed by verbal announcements shall be made to call attention to change(s).

6. Course

The course, including the order in which marks are to be passed, and the side on which each mark is to be left, will be displayed on the course board as required by RRS E3.3.
Course can't be shortened  acording rules E 3.8.c

7. Marks

Description of the marks, including starting and finishing marks that will define starting and finishing line will be posted on the course board.

8. Start

8.1 The heat composition will be posted on the board near the control area. Competitors will be called orally by hailing the upcoming heat and race number. It is competitor's responsibility to hear his call and start in his assigned heat. Failure to comply with this Sailing Instruction will not be grounds for seeking redress.
8.2 RRS 30 will be applied to the re-start of any heat that has had one general recall.

9. Changes to the course

9.1 Course can be changed only between heats or races. Any change to the course will be posted on the course board and the next heat will be preceded by a sound signal and a verbal warning.

10. Time limits

The time limit for the first boat to finish shall be 30 minutes. Time limit for racing after the first boat finishes shall be 5 minutes. This changes RRS 35 and A5.

11. Protests

11.1 Protest forms will be available at the Race Committee.
11.2 Parties to a protest will be called orally by hailing that the protest hearing is opening. It is the responsibility of the parties to come to the hearing without delay accompanied by any witness. No other notice of the hearing will be given. Hearings will be held in the jury office. This change Rule 63.2.

12. Scoring

The Simple Heat Racing System (SHRS) will apply. There will be:
- 6 races in the Qualifying Round with temporary 2 discards only to define heats for the Final Round, unless it is decided diferent before start of the racing in accordance with actual weather conditions
- 20 races in the Final Round

13. Transmitters

Competitors shall not use their transmitters to transmit/broadcast on the airwaves at any time other than when scheduled to race in their allocated heat, without the permission of the Race Committee. Competitors shall switch off their airwave transmitters as soon as possible after removing their boats from the water at the end of a heat. When a race or protest committee finds that a competitor has broken this SI it shall either warn him or give him time to comply or penalize him acording rules E 2.5.

14. Measurement checks

Race Committee may at any time request the event measurer to confirm that a boat complies with the Class Rules in which case it will inform competitor who shall present his boat to official measurer.

15. Prizes

Prizes will be awarded to the best three competitors and to the best junior. Organizer may give additional prizes.

16. Disclaimer of liability

All those entering or taking part in this Championship do so at their own risk and responsibility. Sailing Club Val, Šibenik and any other parties involved in the organisation of this event disclaim: Any and every responsibility whatsoever for loss, damage, injury or inconvenience that might occur to persons and goods, both ashore and on the water as a consequence of entering or participating in the Championship covered by this Notice of Race. At all times the responsibility for the safety of their boat and themselves including the decision to participate or continue shall rest with the competitors.


ISAF-RSD Addendum Q

These sailing instructions change rules 61, 62, 63, 64, 66, 70, E3.1 and E5.2.


Q1.1 Changes to rules involving protests, exoneration, observers and umpires
        (a) An umpire may hail the penalty for breaking rule 44.1(b). If an umpire does not hail the boat's penalty shall be to retire.
        (b) Add to end of the first sentence of rule 63.1: "and Q3“.
        (c) In rule E5.2 delete word “twice” and add on the end: “Hail shall be repeated at least once, unless protested boat take a penalty, or an umpire hails decision as in Q3.”
        (d) Rule 64.1(b) is changed so that the provision for exonerating a boat may be applied by the umpires without a hearing, and it takes precedence over any conflicting rule in this Addendum.


Q2.1 Except where damage resulted from contact, a protest by a boat under rules 31 or 42 or under a rule of Part 2 may be decided by an umpire.
Q2.2 (a) A boat may promptly acknowledge breaking a rule by taking a penalty provided in E4.4 as changed by the SI.
         (b) If no boat takes a penalty, an umpire may hail a decision as provided in rule Q3.1.
Q2.3 A boat is entitled to a hearing only if:
        (a) Rule 14 is broken with damage resulting from contact.
        (b) An umpire hails the decision as in Q3.1(c)
        (c) No umpire decision is hailed.


Q3.1 An umpire may hail a decision as follows:
        (a) "No penalty to (boat(s) sail number)"
        (b) "Penalty to (boat(s) sail number)." Brief reasons may be given quoting the other boat(s) involved. If an umpire is unable to identify a boat’s sail number, the boat will be identified by other clear description and as soon as possible by sail number.
        (c) „Not observed“
    Word to the same effect maybe used in hails.
Q3.2 A boat penalised by an umpire hail, as Q3.1(b) shall promptly take a single turn penalty provided in E4.4 as changed by the SI.


Q4.1 (a) When there is no protest or penalty taken by a boat for contact with another boat or infringement of rules 31 or 42, an umpire may penalise a boat in accordance with Q3.1(b).
         (b) If an umpire decides that a boat may have broken a rule other those listed in Q2.1 and Q4.2, the umpire shall so inform the protest committee for its action under Rule 60.3 and notify this intention to the competitor.
Q4.2 When a boat
        (a) gains an advantage despite taking a penalty,
        (b) breaks rule 2,
        (c) breaks a rule deliberately,
        (d) fails to take a penalty when required by an umpire, or
        (e) fails to take a penalty in accordance with rule E4.4 as changed by the SI, an  umpire  may  impose  an  additional  penalty  as  Q3.1(b)  or  a  disqualification  by  hailing  "(boat  sail  number)“ disqualified", with brief reasons quoting the other boat(s) involved.
Q4.3 A boat disqualified by an umpire shall promptly leave the course.


Q5.1 There shall be no request for redress or to reopen a hearing or appeal from the decision made by an umpire under rule Q3.1 or a hail under Q4. This changes rules 62, 66 and 70.
Q5.2 No proceedings of any kind may be taken in relation to any action or non-action by an umpire.

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